Amaran Popup

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Ever wanted to provide additional information to your viewers via popups?¬†We got you covered. The “TS Amaran Popup” element allows you to embed popups all over your page, either triggered on page load or once a viewer scrolls to the page section where you embedded the popup.

[TS_VCSC_Fancy_List list_type=”image” list_marker=”disc” list_order=”decimal” order_start1=”0″ order_start2=”1″ marker_image=”” marker_icon=”ts-awesome-adjust” list_position=”outside” marker_position=”center” marker_margin=”0″ marker_color=”#000000″ marker_size=”12″ content_color=”#000000″ content_size=”14″ line_height=”18″ content_margin=”5″ content_intend=”0″ frame_position=”bottom” frame_thick=”1″ frame_color=”#cccccc” frame_padding=”5″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″]

  • Five¬†positions (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, center)
  • Show on page load or on viewport event
  • Retrigger viewport popups if viewer scrolls back with timeout
  • Apply delay to popup after it has been triggered
  • Automatically remove popup after set time
  • Make popup sticky on screen until viewer closes it
  • Show popup with or without close button
  • Close popup upon click anywhere inside popup
  • Have multiple popups at the same time or clear all existing
  • Add font icon or icon image to popup to highlight purpose
  • Full tinyMCE editor for content; allows even shortcodes
  • Define color for icon, background, title bar and close button
  • Use one of four basic slide animations, fade animation, or one of 60+ CSS3 animations for entry and exit
  • Show popup with or without screen overlay
  • Select color and optional noise pattern for screen overlay

[/TS_VCSC_Fancy_List][TS_VCSC_Amaran_Popup position=”bottom right” viewport_trigger=”false” viewport_once=”true” viewport_wait=”10000″ overlay=”false” delay=”0″ sticky=”true” duration=”5000″ button=”true” close=”false” mobile=”false” icon_replace=”false” icon=”ts-awesome-envelope” animations=”true” animation_effect=”ts-infinite-css-” animation_class=”pulse” css3animations_in=”Pulse Normal” title=”Hi there!” width=”400″ overlay_color=”#000000″ raster_use=”false” title_color=”#555555″ title_background=”#ededed” button_color=”#555555″ background=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#2ab2b2″ info_color=”#ededed” info_background=”#555555″ margin_top=”10″ margin_bottom=”10″ margin_left=”10″ margin_right=”10″ entry=”fadeIn” exit=”fadeOut” entry_animation_class=”ts-viewport-css-bounce” entry_css3animations_in=”Bounce” exit_animation_class=”ts-viewport-css-bounceOut” exit_css3animations_in=”Bounce Out” clear=”clearall”]

Hi, we are here to help you if you have problems; just shoot us a quick email:

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Scroll down a little further to trigger another popup!

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[TS-VCSC-Spacer height=”20″][TS_VCSC_Amaran_Popup position=”center center” viewport_trigger=”true” viewport_once=”true” viewport_wait=”10000″ overlay=”true” delay=”0″ sticky=”true” duration=”5000″ button=”true” close=”true” clear=”clearall” mobile=”false” icon_replace=”false” icon=”ts-awesome-smile-o” animations=”false” animation_effect=”ts-hover-css-” title=”Hi again!” info=”I come with an overlay, including noise pattern!” width=”400″ overlay_color=”rgba(30,115,190,0.75)” raster_use=”true” raster_type=”” title_color=”#555555″ title_background=”#ededed” button_color=”#555555″ background=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#2980b9″ info_color=”#ededed” info_background=”#555555″ margin_top=”10″ margin_bottom=”10″ margin_left=”10″ margin_right=”10″ entry=”fadeIn” exit=”fadeOut” entry_animation_class=”ts-viewport-css-rollIn” entry_css3animations_in=”Roll In” exit_animation_class=”ts-viewport-css-rollOut” exit_css3animations_in=”Roll Out”]

We are really glad you found us! Did you notice that I popped up automatically after you scrolled to a certain position? And I also closed the other popup for you!

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