Isotope Posts


With the “TS Isotope Posts” element, you can quickly display your posts in different layouts, powered by the awesome Isotope library. You can choose between masonry, timeline, row or simple block layouts, exclude categories, provide filter options to you viewers, and so much more.

[TS_VCSC_Info_Notice panel_layout=”notice” panel_type=”info” panel_icon=”ts-awesome-info-circle”]

For performance reasons, it is advised to use only one “TS Isotope Posts” element per page.


[TS_VCSC_Info_Notice panel_layout=”notice” panel_type=”warning” panel_icon=”ts-awesome-warning” panel_title=”Isotope Notice”]

This element is utilizing Isotope v1.5.x, which is NOT compatible with the new Isotope release v2.x. There are several reason why we intentionally stick with the older version, the most important ones being:

  1. The vast majority of plugins and themes (more than 90%) are still using an Isotope version 1.x, even though v2.x has been available for a while now. In order to remain compatible with those plugins and themes, staying with v1.x is required. Once v2.x becomes more widespread and supported by themes and plugins, we will switch over as well.
  2. Isotope v2.x currently does not have a way to display the “Spine” layout, which is used for this element in order to create an actual timeline effect. That feature has been requested for v2.x, but until it is implemented, we can not switch, even if we wanted to.


[TS-VCSC-Icon-Title title=”Isotope Posts Grid” align=”center” font_family=”Default:regular” size=”48″ font_weight=”300″ highlight_allow=”true” highlight_color=”#2691bd” highlight_strings=”SXNvdG9wZQ==”][TS_VCSC_Posts_Grid_Standalone show_content=”cutcharacters” show_periods=”true” sort_menu=”true” directions_menu=”true”]